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About The Hall of Fame Hair

The Hall of Fame Hair LLC was founded because there is a need for something different in the field of hair and hair extensions. We’re not we’re not just about sales- we’re committed to educating the public about acquiring the best quality hair and hair extension products at a reasonable cost. The Hall of Fame Hair was created for the purpose of helping individuals achieve their personal beauty goals by acquiring the best quality product at a reasonable price allowing them to achieve their dream look.


(left to right) Attorney Thomas (Corky) P. Olinger, Alabama football great, Scott Hunter, Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture, John McMillan, Jason Caffey



Jason A. Caffey, Founder

Jason A. Caffey “Alabama Slim” is the founder of The Hall of Fame Hair LLC, a health and beauty company focused on providing quality hair extension and hair care products. Since retiring from the NBA over 10 years ago, with two WorldChampionship rings (Chicago Bulls), the former Alabama basketball star, has found a new passion in the health and beauty field. As a proud father, his interest in hair was initially the result of addressing the needs of his daughters in the search for “hair”.

Jason Caffey Honored as a Mobile Sports Hall of Famer

Nadine Pierre-Louis PhD, Managing Director

Nadine Pierre-Louis Ph.D. is Managing Director of The Hall of Fame Hair and Hall of Fame Hair & Beauty. As such, she is responsible for the operational and strategic leadership of the organization.