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If you are not a Vendor but wish to become one, you will need to apply. To apply, you must register here. If you are an existing Vendor please log in here.


Have you ever wanted to get into the hair industry but didn’t have the resources to acquire the inventory? Are you a hairstylist or beautician interested in supplementing your existing income while attracting new clients? The Hall of Fame Hair Vendor Program may be for you!

For the nominal cost of $60, you can join the exciting growing field of hair extensions.

The advantages of joining MyTouchableHair.com?

  • We sell only Hall of Fame Hair, the highest quality 100% Remy, human hair;
  • You are provided a sample kit of our actual hair bundles to display to your clients;
  • We stock the inventory for you and hair is shipped to you 2-day priority mail;
  • Your customer pays for the hair, and;
  • You earn 15 – 25% commission on every sale;
  • Once you purchase your kit, you will receive free online advertisement on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. In addition;
  • You will be featured on our “Find your local vendor page.” Potential clients identify the closest vendors by zip code and contact you directly;
  • We provide you with marketing strategies;
  • The more you sell, the more you earn;
  • If you bring in additional vendors, you will earn additional income from their sales as well.

How does the program work?

  • Register online
  • Let us know how you would like to be featured online; By individual or company name, Address or just telephone number?
  • Complete the W-9 (Must be filled out and sent before payments can be released)
  • You will receive a vendor identifier;
  • Once you received your kit, your client will select the style and length they would like to purchase from you on our website;
  • The client makes the purchase online and you put in your identifier and their beautiful hair extensions will be delivered directly to your client within 48 hours;
  • If you are a stylist and will be sewing in the extensions for a client, you also have the option of ordering the hair and having it delivered directly to you so it is available once your clients appointment has been scheduled.
  • Any questions, you can call for support (888) 64- TOUCH.